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Great Gatsby Essays: A Complete Overview of the Story The Great Gatsby might be considered something of an essay in its own right. It was written in 1925 and the story was set in 1922. Those were rather wild and prosperous days, the Roaring Twenties. This book, by F.

Scott Fitzgerald, tells the story of the people that made the Twenties roar. The good and bad sides of the coin reveal a view of human nature that has always been there, just better hidden in some eras than in others. To write Great Gatsby essays, it isnt hard to picture the people and their circumstances as they would be in the modern world. Writing analytical essays is a great way to portray the story. Some students however, would much rather just buy an essay instead of creating one about this story.

Nick Carraway is the lead character. He is well educated, a veteran of World War One and from the American Midwest. Looking for more excitement in his life at the age of 29, he moves to the wealthy area of Long Island, New York. A distant cousin of his, Daisy Buchanan, lives nearby with her husband Tom. Renting a smaller home (a bungalow) between two much larger and pricier homes, Nick starts getting acquainted with the people and places that make up the purpose for the story.

The following is the general plot and all should be revealed in Great Gatsby essays. As Nick tells his tale, the veneer of polite society and civilization begins to peel away from the collection of В«beautiful peopleВ» he meets. Almost like an uninvolved observer, he describes the people, Daisy, Tom, Myrtle and George, Jordan (the lady golfer) and of course, Jay Gatsby.

Infidelity seems too common for Nicks Midwest morality, but he can simply observe as Tom carries on an affair with Myrtle as Daisy and George have a fling. Jordan and Nick begin seeing a great deal of each other, and the mysterious Gatsby spends his time alone.

The romance between Nick and Jordan is superficial, as most casual affairs tend to be. He isnt as interested in Jordan as he is in the rest of the wealthy denizens of the area. Ever the observer, Carraway watches and listens more than he participates. A strange friendship develops between Nick and Gatsby. He wonders, but never asks, where Jay Gatsby made his impressive fortune.

During one of their talks at the Gatsby mansion, they talk about their service during the Great War (World War One) and Nick finds that Gatsby was indeed in the service, even winning a medal. Finally, Gatsby admits that he knew Daisy during his time in the Army and is still in love with her. Only her wealth and his poverty had kept him from declaring his love in those days. Now, he was a very wealthy man, but she was married to Tom. These are all points of interest that should be presented in all Great Gatsby essays.

Ultimately, Gatsby confesses to Daisy and she is surprised to see how far the poor boy has come. Ultimately he also confesses that his wealth came from being a bootlegger (a close relative of drug dealer in this day). Horrified, Daisy runs away from him.

Meanwhile George and Myrtle are arguing and she runs away from him, only to be hit and killed by a car. The car was Gastbys and driven by the hysterical Daisy. Tom tells George who owned the car, but not who was driving it. George shoots and kills Jay Gatsby before turning the gun on himself.

Its all there, adultery, deceit, criminal activities things havenвt changed much since 1925, have they? Great Gatsby essays can easily be understood today and still used as a social commentary. Whatever angle you choose, its a story that still has a ring of truth because human nature remains the same. Regardless of the essay length requirements, this topic is sure to provide enough information to complete a creative essay.

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